The Official Website for Phelan Gaming. Phelan Gaming is an Irish eSports Team created in September 2016, with the goal of helping to develop, both the Irish eSports scene 
and the players within it. Currently, we have created three League of Legends teams, with players from Ireland, England and even France.
Our teams have attended G-Series and Eirtakon in Ireland, placing 3rd at G-Series and Winning Eirtakon.
We are currently looking to compete in others games but will only . We currently have a clothing deal with AnthemicApparel. We hope that in the future, this channel will be full of videos from our players, team staff, content creators that are under our brand and
highlights from the tournaments that we compete in. Clothing: Twitch: www.twitch.tv/phelangamingpg Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhelanGaming