Call of Duty Infinite Warfare ( IW )

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare ( IW )

After Gamercon in 2017, Phelan Gaming felt that they needed to start looking towards other eSports Games. They were approached by Ricoo about picking up their team for an EGO_Brussels #5 on the 29th and 30th of April. Phelan picked up the Call of Duty team on the 22nd of April. The CoD team would go on to finish 3rd in the tournament.  After the tournament, both Phelan and the players from the CoD team parted ways after a falling out with the captain of the team Ricoo, who wanted to become the owner of another organisation. Phelan Gaming would go on to compete in EGO_Brussels #6 with a brand new roster. It was agreed between the players and the management that this was only for EGO_Brussels #6 as Phelan management want more time in order to choose who will represent them for upcoming leagues and lan events. Hopefully, the new squad will get picked up soon so that Phelan CoD fans can enjoy watching their organisation be represented in their favorite game. 

Current Squad -


- European Gaming Organisation Brussels #5 Squad  -



Ricoo ( C )



 Coach: Decahl


Finish: 3rd


- European Gaming Organisation Brussels #6 Squad - 



HugX ( C )




Finish: Round of 16