Phelan Vanguard was created on the 7th of October 2017. It was created to be a development squad, that the org could use to bring in players and help them compete for spots on the Rival team. It was clear after the first few games of the team's existence that it wouldn't be a development team at all. It was clear that the team had what it took to become real contenders for the top spot in the organisation and in the Irish Competitive scene. 

In their first Online tournament, the team defeated Phelan Rival to make it to the finals and took a game off of Ferocity. Sadly, that was all they could take and the series finished 2-1 in favor of Ferocity. The team, only been together for a week were happy with their performance but it was clear that changes were on the way. SudoKing and Deviilz would step down from the roster leading to Phelan bringing in former support TheOrical and ---- to fill the spots left over

Weeks before Lan problems occured with the Vanguard Roster, with TheCA and TheOrical unable to attend the upcoming lan replacements had to be brought in quickly.This lead to Phelan picking up Greuben and former Support player Sudoking for to complete the roster. The team would go on to lan with barely any practice and were able to put up a good performance at lan. We are proud of the Vanguard players that attended Lan and hope that we will be able to work with them in the future.

In May 2018, Phelan announced that Vanguard will now operate as their own brand as a team but fans will be able to see updates here for the Vanguard team. 

- Current Team - 


Top - 

Jungle -  

Mid - 

ADC - 

Support - 


- Piltover Cup 2 (Online ) -

 Top - MisterCrepsley

Jungle - The CA

Mid - Hawkens

ADC - Deviilz

Support - SudoKing


Finish - 2nd


- RAID 2018 - 

 Top - Ian 'MisterCrepsley' Kelly (Co-C)

Jungle - Ruben 'Greuben' Van Eijkeren

Mid - Neil 'Hawkens' Simon 

ADC -  'Kuria' 

Support - Darren 'SudoKing' Murray

Sub - Ciarán 'Wings' Walsh


Finish - 5th to 8th